Thursday, August 28, 2014

Share Your Authentic Self

Be yourself. If you water yourself down to please people, or to fit in or to not offend anyone, you lose the power, the passion, the freedom, and the joy of being uniquely You. It’s much easier to love yourself when you are being yourself.      - Author Unknown 
     I was up late one night finishing up some last minute touches on my last blog post, "Roadblocks? Get Over It!”, when I had another “aha moment”.  I was looking for the “right” picture to accompany my post (Based on my last post...we all know how I feel about being "right").  I didn’t find the picture that I was initially looking for but once I expanded my search...BINGO! I found the “right" picture of a road sign with multiple arrows with the "right way" labels for each arrow.  It was the glue that pulled the whole piece together and brought the focus to - There’s no wrong way when you stand with God.

      Ironically, it brought to focus, exactly what I have been shying away from - openly and explicitly talking about God.  I was thinking, yes all my friends and family know I am a Christian but I am sharing myself to the masses in this space.  Will people not be able to receive the message if I talk about God too much? Not everyone believes in God, so I don’t want to offend anyone. Will people feel like I am being to “holy rolly”? Will people judge me (Who is she to tell me about God? She doesn’t have it altogether herself). But with all of these negative thoughts floating in my mind…that night at that precise moment that I found that picture…the positive thought of "There’s no wrong way when you stand with God," boomed in my head so loud that it silenced all the negative thoughts.

     In that moment, I asked myself, “How can I be my authentic self without revealing the God in me whom I love so much?”  God is a huge part of what makes me - ME. He gives me life! He gives me strength! He gives me guidance! It’s not possible to share ME without sharing GOD. 

      My ultimate goal is to inspire others by sharing the twists, turns, ups, and downs of my life journey.  I want to speak my truth and let my authentic self shine. Yes, being authentic requires you to be vulnerable.  And being vulnerable is SCARY. But God does not give us a spirit of fear. I am world…Hi my name is Jamie and that Light you see is the God in me!

Sharing your authentic self is a key component to living on purpose.  Revealing your truth is beneficial to you and others.  What have you been holding back from others?  

As we let our own Light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. 
                                                                                                                            - Marianne Williamson
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  1. Thank you for this! I love that you pointed out that being vulnerable is part of revealing your true self. That takes courage but it's necessary. It's so easy to lose sight of your purpose when you're preoccupied with what others think or worried about saying or doing things that others believe is "right".

  2. Amen Jamie! This is exactly why I put my thought of the day on Facebook.

  3. With so many laws regulating what we can say and do in the workplace, the effect has not only been to protect minorities and those historically disadvantaged it has also stifled people's individualities. I so agree with you that in order not to offend anyone we hold back our opinions, beliefs, and all things true to us. My hope for you and us as your bloggers is to engage in healthy discussions mindful that one person's truth may be a falsehood to someone else but regardless of that difference both views are heard, acknowledged, and respected!

  4. Great job! You hit it right on the spot. This applies to me because in middle school it is hard to stay true to who you are. Everybody is pressuring you to be in the "in" group. But, once you realize your authentic self is not in that "in" group, don't try to fit in and be what you are not. Keep it coming!